Nate and Emily talk about how high schoolers are robbed of their summer vacation and then we get into some game reviews, starting with the Xbox One version of Overcooked 2 and then some free games on Steam, which happen to be anime/manga-inspired. First, there’s High School Simulator 2018, then we review Carpe Diem followed by the best one, Crush Crush.  We end the podcast reviewing a few things we’ve been watching.

Episode 18: Weeaboo For Me And You


Nate has had a tough couple of weeks and Emily hates everyone. We talk a little Trump talk and then get into that annoying YouTuber that’s been going viral for all the wrong reasons.
We review the Xbox One game “Don’t Starve Together.” We go over new things that we’ve been watching like The Grand Tour, the Karl Pilkington vehicles like “An Idiot Abroad” and “Moaning Of Life” and Vince Vaughn movies. We have tech review where Emily reviews her Google Pixel 2 phone and Nate reviews 4K televisions and the Nvidia Shield Pro media streamer.

Episode 14: Don’t Starve When The Rock Is Cookin’

Nate complains about his week and Emily supports his easily-triggered mannerisms. We talk about people that can’t take hints and passive aggressive people. We talk about working on holidays and what the future was supposed to be like 100 years ago. We review Stranger Things 2. Nate and Emily complain about TheHunter: Call of the Wild Xbox One game, but have a good review for the new Zoo Tycoon: The Ultimate Animal Collection. We talk Bruce Lee talk.

Episode 13: Chinese Food In A Tube

Nate starts off lamenting his deceased cat and he and Emily talk about their crappy weeks. We’re hoping for Los Pollos Hermanos to arrive in Denver because we’re huge Breaking Bad fans. We talk about The Choir series with Gareth Malone. We then delve into celebrities like Bill Cosby, Michael Jackson and Phil Anselmo and if you can separate the person from their craft. Nate goes off on the elite art scene. We review some movies.

Episode 12: Assault With A Plastic Penis

Emily starts off the show with her meth report, highlighting the North Korean Walter White. We go into game reviews with Cities Skylines on Steam and Star Wars Battlefront. We build a Satanic castle in Minecraft. Nate has butt news. We go into possible future tech for butt plugs. We’re both taken aback by the size of meerkat anuses and talk about Florida’s butt art. Emily has a quiz for Nate and vice versa.

Episode 08: Meerkats On Uranus

We start off talking about Chris Cornell’s death and our initial thoughts regarding depression and medicine. We discuss H.R. Giger and the movie “Dark Star,” which chronicles his life. Nate goes into his office move and strange co-workers. We have a near Minecraft mishap and review Lara Croft: Temple of Osiris and Zoo Tycoon on the Xbox One. We review an older TV series, “Joe Rogan Questions Everything.” We go into school gripes, a review of Wonder Woman and Nate goes into his problem with DC Comics.

Episode 07: The Lighter Side Of Darkness

Emily starts off with a gripe regarding standardized testing in the school where she works as a teacher’s assistant. We talk about the uselessness of these tests. We go into the dumbing down of society by social media. We review Warframe and Nate tries Minecraft in creative mode. Emily reviews Outlast 2. Emily sees “Stranger Things” for the first time and we briefly review it.

Episode 06: Where Is My Mind(e)craft?

Nate and Emily start off talking about love because of the upcoming Valentine’s Day. We ruminate about relationships, what love really means and how much it means. We also discuss how animals choose their mate. Emily talks about her online dating experience. McDonald’s builds a Big Mac ATM, we discuss the repercussions. We geek out on Karl Pilkington. We talk about Rocket League and Farming Simulator 17.

Episode 03: The Human Ass Dance